Wellbeing Tuesdays

Wellbeing classes |Digital Classes

In response to having to stop our Wellbeing sessions at the Hall due to the Covid-19 outbreak, with less than one day notice we got together with our usual instructors to film their classes so you can follow online until we're all able to meet again.

This classes will be available to watch as regularly as needed after they have premiered. 
We suggest you keep to your regular weekly schedule and follow the weekly schedule

If you are able to continue supporting our activities at the Hall, please leave a donation via our website
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Yoga: 9.30-10.30  Click here to watch
Mindfulness 10.45-11.45   Click here to watch
Groove and Tone 10.50-11.50  Click here to watch
Chairobics 14.00-15.00  Click here to watch
Pilates 18.15-19.15  Click here to watch
Yoga 19.30-20.30  Click here to watch


Stretch: 10.45-11.45 Click here to watch 




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