The Civic - Issue #2 - Out Now !



During lockdown The Friends of Stretford Public Hall have delivered The Civic newsletter to thousands of local residents. This newsletter has been produced by Stretford Public Hall as part of our efforts to help people stay connected and informed during lockdown.

The Civic aims to bring together local good news stories and relevant information for those in need of support and living in Stretford.  We hear it has already made an important difference. For example, Sam read issue one and as a result she said, 

‘I was considering reaching out for help when The Civic arrived through the post. It was the push I needed to make contact and get some support’.

A hard working team of about 35 volunteers has already delivered just under 5,000 issues to front doors across Stretford and they will be out delivering the second issue to your home very soon!

Please click here to download Issue #2 of The Civic

We would like to thank everyone who has made The Civic possible, particularly Trafford Council and Forever Manchester for funding to help with costs.



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