Staff team

The day-to-day running of Stretford Public Hall is managed by a small team of permanent staff, who are all based at the Hall.

Shirley Bainbridge, Finance Officer

When she's not dealing with the Hall's finances, Shirley is most likely to be found with a camera in her hand, probably photographing something on the ground alongside her purple shoes. A keen amateur photographer, she set up the Stretford Un-Camera Club to encourage others to get out and take photos of Stretford and beyond. She has been a supporter of the Friends of Stretford Public Hall from the beginning.

Mark Etherington, Caretaker

[to follow]

Kate McGeevor, Centre Manager

Kate is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Hall, supporting the staff team, managing the building's renovation, and leading on fundraising and the development of new projects. Before joining the Hall, Kate was the manager of Forty Hall Farm in Enfield, north London, where she led the setting up of several local food projects, including a farm shop and a community orchard. She has a background in research and environmental policy.

Joanna Padovani, Events and Outreach Manager

Jo has worked for Friends of Stretford Public Hall under a number of job titles over the last two and a half years. She currently manages Events and Outreach for the Hall, as well as overseeing all external bookings and volunteers. She worked her way from education and into the cultural sector after studying an MA in Arts Management, Policy and Practice. Her previous jobs included B2C sales for a rainwater harvesting company, casual studio supervisor for the Whitworth Art Gallery, and teacher of art in primary and secondary school.


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