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Contributions are not tax deductible.

Shares as gifts

Thank you for applying for shares as a gift. 

You can purchase shares as a gift for friends or family on this page. The adjacent form will ask for the contact details of the gift recipient and whether they are over 16 years of age. If the gift recipient is over 16 years of age, Friends of Stretford Public Hall will contact your gift recipient once the share offer has completed to confirm that they are eligible and agree to become a member, before the shares are issued.

If the share offer does not meet its minimum investment target, or the gift recipient is not eligible nor willing to become a member, then you will be refunded. 

If the gift recipient is below 16 years of age, then the purchaser will be required to nominate the gift recipient as their beneficiary. On the day the gift recipient becomes eligible for membership, Friends of Stretford Public Hall will contact both the purchaser and the recipient for consent that the shares can be withdrawn by the purchaser and reinvested by the gift recipient. From this point, the shares will be in the name of the gift recipient.


By applying for shares the gift recipient will have to agree to the following: 
  • I have read the Share Offer Document, including the Risk Statement at the beginning of the document
  • I wish to become a member of Friends of Stretford Public Hall Ltd
  • I agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions included in the Share Offer Document and in the Rules of FOSPH 
  • I understand that the Board of Directors of Friends of Stretford Public Hall may reject my application, and are not obliged to tell me why it has been rejected
  • I consent to receiving formal notices by email and links to formal documents on the Stretford Public Hall website 
Our terms and conditions
  • The data provided by you on this form will be stored on an electronic database.  The data will only be used for Stretford Public Hall’s purposes and will not be disclosed to any third party. 
  • It is a condition of the offer that to ensure compliance with the Money Laundering Regulations 2003, Stretford Public Hall may at its absolute discretion require verification of the identify of any person seeking to invest.  
  • To reduce our administrative costs, we would like to be able to send you formal notices by email and refer you (by email) to documents posted on our website. By purchasing shares you are consenting to receiving such notices by email and accessing documents through our website.