New at the Hall in October



Laura from Dance for Pregnancy and Birth


We are pleased to announce the following new activity and class.


Singing Together: Monday 12th October 2020 10.30 to 11.30am.

Numbers are restricted and under strict Covid-19 safety measures so you will have to book on a session waiting list. Or! Join us online on Facebook Messenger Live!    

See our Facebook page here


Ring Janice on 0161 864 1996 for more info.


Dance for Pregnancy and Birth: Mondays 6.00 pm (starting on 12th October)

These classes focus on moving in a way that  feels good during pregnancy.

They can help you to move intuitively during labour, which is the key to having a calm, gentle birth.

Very effective on pelvic strength, stability, flexibility, and mobility, preventing discomfort and gently training your stamina.

Connect with your body and your baby through movement and awareness.

The movements are simple and slow and suitable for everyone, no dance experience necessary.


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