Mindfulness: Free online sessions now available.


 Mindfulness- Online on Zoom


If lockdown has you feeling stressed out, please join us for an hour of free mindfulness online.

For the month of November, during lockdown, Stretford Public Hall is offering free mindfulness Zoom sessions every Tuesday, starting at 9.00 am.

Our mindfulness classes explore different styles of meditation, including mantra, loving kindness and mindfulness; helping you to relax, find inner calmness and create a happier, healthier state of mind. 

You can book now via the link below and your joining ticket will be sent to your email:


You will need to download Zoom beforehand as we will not be able to assist with technical issues during the class. If you need assistance with learning how to use Zoom please contact us beforehand.

The class instructed by Catherine.

50 free tickets are available until Monday 9th Nov 4.00 pm

In addition to our mindfulness class many of our other classes are now available online. Please check out their details, including their availability and the charge for the class ,  using the link below:

Online class details



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