DIY Community History

How to make History !

DIY Community History & How to go about it


Want to find out more about your local area?

Have a building you love?

What to record your family history?

Or do you want to start an amateur history group?

This short workshop will tell you about how to get into local history, what free resources are available and how to put on your own History Day.

We are DIY grassroots historians who work together on hands on history projects such as ancient arrowhead making to solving local mysteries. Most of all we like a good old chat and hearing peoples stories. Recently we co-created a Hulme and Greenhey's History Day which involved GPS Mapping for the former residents of the Greenhey's Estate to remember their family history who were all brought together around the re-opening of The Old Abbey pub - here's a link. Like the pub, Stretford Public Hall is a much loved building, we're sure there's lots of stories to tell and we want to help you tell them!


We'll show you all the tricks we found out on our journey, from accessing resources to hosting your own community day. We'll be bringing along the GPS equipment, although it will be dark, so if there's any places you want to find and tell your story about, please come along with an address.


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March 12, 2020 at 6pm - 8pm
Stretford Public Hall


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