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Culture Champions Trafford is an Age-friendly cultural engagement programme for people over 50 living in Stretford, Longford and Clifford, working in partnership with Stretford Public Hall and Limelight and funded by Trafford Housing Trust.

Culture Champions puts older people at the centre by giving them the opportunity to plan and deliver their own projects, activities and events based on their needs and interests. In the past Culture Champions have been involved in co-programming themed ‘After Hours’ events at galleries for older audiences, participating in specially designed Culture tours, and testing experimental theatre projects.Culture Champions aims to change the way older people are represented; to show them as active and creative members of our societies.

Culture Champions in Trafford will:

  • Lead, programme and advocate activities for their peers 
  • Participate in, plan, promote
  • Advise and organise

So if you have wanted to organise your own concert? Or try your hand at pottery? Or make a film? Maybe you want to make it easier for older people to go to the theatre? Whatever your interest in arts and culture, you can be a Culture Champion

Get in contact with Jessica, (Project Coordinator) on  [email protected]   07856489930

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