The Board

The board is currently made-up of the following nine directors. Each board member brings their particular professional expertise as well as their passion to see Stretford Public Hall as a truly exceptional community asset. 

We have determined that the board can have up to 12 members to help run the organisation and its activities and so have vacancies for three further directors that we are able to co-opt and who are able to hold office until the next AGM in Autumn 2017. If you are interested in becoming a board member please contact us at friends @

Current Directors 


Annoushka Deighton

Annoushka is a successfully self-employed acupuncturist, as well as working for 10 years in Manchester City Council as a Homeless Caseworker, making legal decisions, and a frontline worker in Homeless Families Support. She is highly motivated, a good communicator, organiser and very passionate about the potential of Stretford Public Hall.

Daniel Williamson

Dan has been heavily involved with the project since its inception, developing the business plan and managing the pre-feasibility phase. He is the company director of the arts collective; Reactor Projects. He has developed the governance structure, administrative, marketing and promotional duties for the organisation for the past 11 years.

Lisa Heanley

Lisa is a qualified Secondary Art teacher and has initiated numerous community projects in Stretford. With so many links in the local area she excels at getting people motivated and involved in Stretford Public Hall. As a teacher she has organised many events such as exhibitions, trips, fundraising and social events. She helped to successfully campaign against the closure of Stretford Sure Start, and then began a popular parent-led playgroup at the site.

Simon Borkin

Simon rejoined the Board in June 2017 following an interim role as Project Organiser to manage the ballroom transformation. In this role he co-ordinated the Hall's community share offer to raise the finance needed for the construction work. Now he has returned to the Board to lead on membership relations and continue to input into the ballroom transformation plans. He works as a project manager at Co-operatives UK, involved in wider community enterprise support projects across the UK. He is also a fairly active musician and is involved in organising music-based activities at the Hall. 

Junaid Patel

Charlotte O'Mara

Charlotte is a music and media lawyer representing various acts, artists and creatives across the spectrum from high profile to emerging and everywhere in between. She is a keen champion of local talent and finding ways to showcase their creativity. Before becoming a lawyer, Charlotte worked for independent music promoters and music publishers. She aims to assist the board with her legal and music experience.

Jonny Haslam

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