Hall's Ballroom Renovation Update

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After years of fundraising and planning, we’re delighted that our ballroom renovation project is now entering its final week!

We will be sharing images of the transformed ballroom next week but, before that, we wanted to take some time to thank all of the people and funders who have made the work possible.

The renovation project has transformed the ballroom and the other adjacent spaces on the Hall's first floor, with modern improvements such as fully functioning and versatile bars and food serving areas, accessible toilets on the Ballroom level, a new heating and ventilation system (including traditional cast iron radiators), and adaptable LED lighting. The project has been a key objective since Friends of Stretford Public Hall took over the running of the building in 2015, so we are delighted that we are nearing completion.

Achieving this has required the support of numerous people and organisation but in particular we would like to say a huge thank you to the following:
Our funders, whose generous financial support has made the project possible: the Architectural Heritage Fund, Viridor Credits, Power to Change, and Veolia Environmental Trust.
• Our community investors, who bought community shares in our building and trusted us with their money, and in particularly to Co-ops UK for their match-funding of our share capital.
• Our professional team, led by Buttress Architects and made up of Ingleton Wood, Ian Wilson QS, Thomasons Structural Engineers, and Jim Fowler at Fire Surety. Thanks in particular to our architects Ed Kepczyk and Adam Lewis, for never-ending patience and an appreciation of great tiles.
• Rosslee Construction, for carrying out the renovation with such professionalism and for keeping the project on-track, despite the challenges of lockdown.
• Our Board, for driving the project forward, and to former Board members Junaid Patel and Lisa Heanley, who devoted so many hours to the project.
• To Stephen McCusker and Sarah Renshaw, of Loop Architecture, who guided the early stages of the project.
• And last but not least, our wonderful volunteers, our staff and all the local residents of Stretford, who have supported us through the years.

Everyone above has made the ballroom renovation possible and we can’t wait to be able to share the space, as soon as lockdown restrictions allow.

Please also be assured we are not done yet! We are already working on funding to continue to develop the Hall and will soon be turning our attention to the hall’s basement!


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