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About Friends of Stretford Public Hall 

Friends of Stretford Public Hall was formed in 2015 to take on the ownership and running of Stretford Public Hall for the benefit of the community. It is a charitable community benefit society that is democratically run by its members on a one-member one-vote basis. 

Friends of Stretford Public Hall will run the Hall in a sustainable way, but as a charitable organisation owned by the community, it will always use any profits to ensure the Hall continues to act as a wonderful building for the community in Stretford.

Friends of Stretford Public Hall is run by a Board of Directors, elected each year by our members. 

Our vision:

For Stretford Public Hall to be a unique and thriving multi-purpose venue at the heart of Stretford owned and run by the local community.

Our Mission:

As guardians of Stretford Public Hall, we will restore and protect this historic landmark enhancing opportunities for regeneration. Through ongoing engagement with the local community, we will host a wide range of activities that meet Stretford’s needs. In partnership, we will help to improve the lives of residents by providing opportunities for employment and involvement as well as access to arts, culture, heritage, and a range of well-being services. 

You can now listen to the story of how Stretford Public Hall was taken on by the community - we were featured in the Community Business Fix Podcast in October 2018:


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